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Casual Friday and White Pants Outfit Ideas!

Happy Friday Everyone! Don’t you love the weather today? Very comfy and like everybody’s favorite day, Friday is a Casual Days! Hehe. So everyone’s is entitled to do their own style? I don’t think so; we were still in a world of diplomatic people. Haha. So, instead of wearing colored/denim jeans on Fridays, why not slip into this classic closet staple now,-the white pants. This is super easy mix and match sense of style. Pairing with dark or neutrals, you have the confidence at all. As long as you are comfortable and feel good in your white pants, that’s all that matters.


Since Summer is getting there, white is always the right color. Aside from they go great with all prints and other colors, yet they quite stylish too.These outfits will convince you to go party, to work, or when you are taking a walk by the seaside.


This outfit made me inspired to convince me wearing white pants in a beach.Wide pants and summer floral tops is simply bring you summer.With a little bit of accessories, and color-block wedges, it will make a perfect outfit for hot days and nights.You would’nt also need too much make-up on this,j ust lip-gloss and mascara in day, and add some shimmer in your cheeks during nights.Don’t you think?

 Anyways, we were reunited with some of my closest buddies. Don’t you think we need a group hugs? As a few of them missing and took their career path, BUT we are still adjacent to one another. Hehe.  The common denominator? A slice of pizza. So Papa John’s is nearby to the headquarters. Yum!


Hope you’ve learned a simple tips from me..hehe

Happy weekend everyone!:)

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