My Shopbop Dresses List!

As the saying goes, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” I’ve been awestruck by all bits and pieces I’ve acquired through online shopping. The latest link I eyeing now is the Shopbop, almost some of the created dresses were hoard able. Hence, I list some of my picks;


 So what do you prefer? a colorful or neutral?

What I really love about them is, the garment looks so luxurious, imagine the woman who owned them, very exquisite and vintage clothing reminds me of good fabric and thread.


I stand 5’5 and I never owe maxi dress, just in two pieces for a quick sense of style is not good. My fashion taste would be fall under vintage, tomboy, rock chick and casual in Fashiolista. I went into where I would be comfy and freely-move. That’s it! 

From Designers to Hi-Low Dresses, an Egyptian Maxi dress to Shirred Waist dress with Leather Bodice, who wouldn’t spare from them?  Thesee are irresistible and “keri” ko if I ‘m going to wear it anytime. Hehe.

  I might doubled my savings just to grasp one of them. If you are into investing oieces like this, just go to their page and filled your cart. hihi

Happy Monday ahead!:)

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