Reasons to Change?

It was a Monday morning and I feel boredom,outcast and pathetic!Yeah I never thought that in my two years of existency in the bureau, I feel so unsecured and no promotion is laid. I understand that I’m not able to BE that, to BE one of THE, but I wanted to start my LIFE to CHANGE.

Could it be easy?

As I opened my email this morning and received a letter from Jobstreet indicating the reasons for change. What and ideal case for me. How would I start?Let me share you the list/reasons on why we/I need to change.

1.Change Opens Opportunities– Imagine your present situation as being in one room where several closed doors stand around you. These doors lead to opportunities and greater things that you may not experience when you choose to stay. In that room, you can only dream of things to happen, people to meet and places to see. Opening a door and allowing change to take place only presents possibilities. Isn’t that exciting?

In this view, I knew that there are so many jobs outside my door BUT contrary,  I think the state of my life,  is the salary great for my family, if I want the job, or am I willing to change?

2.Change Teaches You-Let’s admit it – not all doors can lead to just good and better things. Sometimes, change can lead to challenges before you get to the good stuff. It may be scary at first, but it only teaches you to make better decisions and build relationships. You only emerge stronger when you’re ready to take the next step.

Sometimes this theme, having the blame because you think you are wrong move? Why this? Why more difficult? I do not understand why?So sometime you have frustrations.

3.Change Allows Growth-Change forces you to move, think and act upon new things that are happening. Change allows you to move forward and grow. Before you know it, you are closer to your dreams that you only just imagined while inside a room.

Such is the effect of each change. You see the differences and you know the enhancement of what you’ve done change.

So do I need to cahnge?Is the reason is the answer to my questions?

So do I need to afraid?Or I just think that there better out there and I just need to explore?

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