Inspiration #2

Inspiration #2

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast-Alfred Montapert

What a powerful, motivating quote! It’s like you can picture yourself as a tiger, ready to pounce on anything that crosses your path. Grr!

Sometimes it’s easy to have a pity party and be sad and upset about your life. “I have it so hard because (insert pity here).” Or, “I’d achieve my goals, but (insert excuse here).”

Everyone has struggles, hurdles that try to prevent them from reaching their goals. You’re no different.

You have two options. Let the hurdles define you or, in the words of Montapert, “eat them for breakfast.” If you approach life’s challenges with the attitude that you will prevail, then you will prevail.

Why? Because you’ll accept nothing less. But, if you let the hurdles trip you up and you stay down, then the only one you can blame is yourself. So, awaken that inner tiger and make him roar!

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