Nail 101

Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen

I have experienced, sometimes for quick cracking nails, at first I assumed because I have not drinking milk.(We all know that milk has highest contain of calcium for bones, teeth and nails.)

Yellowish  of nails, is also my problem, so sometimes I skipped to had a manicure, I want my nails so clean. (that’s another standard of a guy) .. sounds so weird but its true. don’t you think?

 Are you wondering how you keep your nails looking fabulous aside from spending money in a salon?and paying consultant to how your nails look so beautiful without any polishes that may crack or chippimg? I have discovered the power of my one and only Sally Hansen.

my Sally Hansen

I use this stuff for easy to use and effective. It gives you simple and super natural look. It looks good on its own and the clear shade also makes a good base top coat. I almost had it for half a year, incase my nails need a extra help, so i make sure it was store in a cool area. Does anybody here knows if its have an expiration? Well, I guess, I still love it, it still works on my nails, I can make as quick as I apply it for a neat, natural look.

Application Tips?

Apply to 2-3 coats to a clean dry nails,brush around nail edges and under nail tips Let each coat dry before apply the next one.but it can be used alone, base coat or as a top coat to seal and protect your manicure.


Salon Tested-Dermatologist Tested

Powerful long lasting protection to helps nails grow

Available in 36 shades (mine, is #120)

Should you buy it?

Me, as being nailaholic, Yes!Mine is #120-Bad to the Bone.


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