Chicken Charlie Giveaway Anniversary

I once tried the Chicken Charlie at Makati Avenue with my colleagues friends. I may say this was really a new to name, but upon visiting their store, I may say that it was a long-run business due to their numerous customers.


I like how I feel the good ambiance, the services of the crew and of course the chicken its taste. We’ve order Cheesestick Dynamites, Wedges and THE signature chicken-ginger sauce.The signature soy ginger sauce is the main reason why their served-chicken was different to the chicken stores industry. I like how it served freshly cooked, you will know that its really from the fryer.


Because of their priced-value, almost all in the order menu was likely bought. This food is best for the family. We, certainly satisfied at Charlie’s Chicken. You can visit their page for their best menu and follow them to know more their updates or visit their fanpage.You can also join their third aniversary giveaways for chance of winning the cool item from Chicken Charlie.


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