Tuesday Tip

What I love about Petroleum Jelly!

It’s been ten thirty midnight when I plan to have a write ups with this usual thing since I just learned how it works in my entire life. Yes! Just recently saw how an ordinary jelly turned its uses into extraordinary.

Way back in my elementary days, I always see the little tube that often in a corner of our cabinet. I do not even know with that, as long as I know my mother used it after she washed clothes. She polished her hands with this thing, as I thought it was just a lotion for oldies, hehe. Until I just used in my lips and feet when it needs to moisturizes. But wait, I think this is a heaven-sent. A product that helps you in many ways, let me share you the wonders of this petroleum jelly, the Apollo Petroleum Jelly.

“an ordinary makes an extraordinary”

A lot of petroleum brands here that I’ve tried, but I always end up going back to this one, and I never thought that this particular brand, would never leave you at the time when demand. 

This brand is admittedly worthy. With its thick and gooey like, its consistency was really amazing.

Honestly, I never mind that one night, I need to buy another tube of PJ. It really works on baby’s skin rashes. PJ is meant to the little girl. It isn’t as sticky and greasy feel like other. That something that I adore about the product.

the back with its possible uses

I personally used it when I want to moisturizes my feet overnight, this is probably my feet routine. Another interesting fact is, it doesn’t transfer as easily because of its consistency, or even dry fast when I accidentally loosened the cap.

always sealed

This 50g tube was good to keep at home, (every corner of your home is acceptable!) haha. With its cheaper price (1.2$), its functions is tolerable. It could be your make-up remover, a solution for chapped lips and   dry skin/hands. I’ve used it too for my wind burned skin  as I am outgoing and adventurous:) so I always have a tube in my bag.

It seems there are thousand and one uses for petroleum jelly and some of common uses I’ve strived. But when I saw this article, it increase my lists of uses for petroleum jelly, and surprisingly shocked with the tons of possible uses there are. I adapted the smoothing wild eyebrow hairs, sobrang pasok siya sa banga!. Hahaha.

Take your look!

And tell me your favorites:)

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