Thursday Thrift: Colorfull Color Stain Lipstick for Less!

Hi folks! I know, I deserted this blog, I’m just pretty busy in career and life. Hehehe and busy managing my skin color, I become so tanned eh, because of the tyranny of my summer 2013 and probably will become dark since I have my two summer destinations pa.teehee! Atleast boredom will not visit me anymore. Hehe. I’ve been in La Union last two weeka with my colleagues friends. As we enjoyed the sand and the beach, we’ve also tried surfing!Yey! One of our bucket list was done. And kamusta naman ang kulay ko? Tama na ang feeling Maja Salvador. hehe

Anyways, the day I came back from La Union, I received some lipstick. Three colors exactly. I get nosy since I’m not into bright colors, and nude lippies are my fancy.

Each lipstick came in a fuschia box
Three swatches I have!
Indicated swatch name in the lower part

Here’s my indicative review:


 A local brand that came in a standard tube, a predominant color when you tried to search in your make up kit. A pocket-friendly that suits for $2 only. It is creamy and glides easily. A semi-matte finished-look while scented free. It has the power to lasts up to 5 hours. (I put mine from 8AM and lasts til’ 12nn) Nine shades to select.


 This brand is rare, so it’s hard to find elsewhere. A matte lipstick and makes the line of the lips visible. A little dry feeling that may stain your clothes.You wait for five minutes for color to set.



 As I tried it a while ago, it could be an alternate with your matte lipstick collection. It is great for summer but I feel the dryness after an hour. It takes me to put lip balm to moisturize.


 Try to place it on the refrigerator at night, then use in the morning to see the opaque and satin finish. You can put lipgloss for glossy effects and you can use fingers to dab the products on your lips for a natural finish look.  You can try other shades, (Russian Red, Red Voltage, Marveloue Pink, Magenta Mania, Pillow Pink and Pecan Fudge.)


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