Friday Fragrance: Viva La Juicy

I realize that aside from shoes, nail polishes and sort of make up, I wanted to try and collect some good perfume. Actually, I have only three perfumes in my bag. The first love was the United Colors of Benetton, Hot & Cold, which fades anyway. Follow by Escada Pacific Paradise and Marine Groove and eventually tried Anne Curtis perfume..Haha (okay diehard fan ako!) Since I started trying them all, I have not looked at others, I don’t know, because I know, every woman in the world has its own taste of smell. Signatures scent in other words.:) I got this Viva La Juicy sample from a friend, and it was so good!


iphone 983

This was my perfume presently, and I started to love it. This fruity perfume was ideal for me. I’ll admit it’s one of those perfume that hype form time to time, but I love the hint of berries mixed with subtle floral sweet scent of it. Then the scent becomes warmer with vanilla and amber hints. I guess I could still use it until summer! And the major strong point on these all, it lasts all day long! I realize, if I choose perfume, (1) it floral-fruity scent (2) it long-lasted (3) pocket friendly and “anytime” scent.

iphone 984

How bout you!? what’s your present favorite perfume?Comment below!

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