Thursday Thrift: Moringao2 Herbal Therapy Oil

Everybody was looking for an affordable product that can get together its quality. A product that can ultimately used all over the parts of the body yet it won’t hurt our wallet. Its how we valued money and being practical is not means you are frugal in your wellness. Sometimes we had to save for MORE. Just like MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Therapy Oil which I brought last weekend. Who would decline to a product that can be used on all over parts of the body? and inexpensive.

“Malunggay is popular known for nutritional value as well as a herbal medicine. This herbal oil is a blend of pure malunggay oil, olive oil and sunflower seed oil that may be used on the skin, scalp and hair. Only P99 for 30ml that currently using for almost one week, but still full on the vamp.

blog 081

This product information sounds interesting that’s why I grab for the chance. I’ve also known that malunggay is a good source of anti-oxidants and minerals that well for the skin. Some studies, that malunggay are the vegetable with many health benefits.

I usually use it on my hands, then rub on my legs then applied to my hair before sleep at night. I can testify that it’s not greasy unlike other oils that I tried. I love the therapeutic smell, in fact I love it than my BodyShop Tea Tree Oil. I feel the effective moisturizer after I woke up in the morning.

It was quiet small, that’s why sometimes I brought it in my office to have resistance to frost. You know how cold our temperature in the workplace. I also like the bottle cap which for me is easy to open. I wish it has a bigger size.

Good thing, if you’re a first timer for this inexpensive brand, there’s a built in instructions on how to use, labeled at the back of the packaging. Overall, I highly recommended the MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Oil for those who wants a natural all around oil that will nourished the body. There are other oils like argan, green tea, chili oil (that will I blog soon) but malunggay will definitely gives my parents a try since it affordable and easy to see in the drugstore.


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