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Colour Collection Lipstick with Argan Oil!

A woman can never have enough lipsticks whether it can damage your finances or hogging all affordable hues. I was lucky I’ve got the latter. I was lucky to have certain points to get the latest items from SampleRoom.  I have different lipstick and I got to experiment to take off Colour Collection Lipstick with Argan Oil. Since I do believe in supremacy of argan oil which entails for “secret” to beautiful youthful skin. I hoarded some with minimal amount!

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I actually used Colour Collection a while ago. So it’s tempting to try these new collections. On the left of my cache is the Colour Collection Lipstick in Bella which is bright pink and my “on-the-go” lipstick. I prefer using it matching with just eyeliner and mascara and I am good to go. On the right corner is color Crema, which is a lovely nude and it feels like a lipbalm than a lipstick, but after two swipes I made, it looks so nude pink-ish on me. Please see the results below;


On left:Colour Collection Lipstick in Bella and in right: CC Lipstick in Crema

What I love about the product?  It helps my chapped lips moisturized and I get it for only 100 (as shipping cost from sampleroom) so it’s such a steal! Right?

What I don’t like about the product? I don’t impress with its packaging though, the gold lining emphasizing class and rich.

Pros? Affordable at P399, no unpleasant scent while it lasted 3-4 hours, has argan oil that known for vitamin E and F that essential skin elasticity

Cons? The only I think to be improved by Tupperware brand (where you can purchase the product) is the packaging.

How about you? What are your thoughts on this new lipstick? Is there any sample latest products from Sampleroom that you used?

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