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9 must haves to welcome ber months!

Wew! It’s been quick! My birthday month has just past, and now it’s “ber” month already! Who’s excited anyway? Do you feel the glow of Christmas just the way I felt in the morning? The energized mood for shopping? Yeah, I’m ready to go crazy about shopping! I make some list to acquire this coming payoff. Here are my impulsive things to welcome my “ber” months;

  1. Since “ber” months have a wintry weather, knits, pullovers and sweater are ideal for our climate. I choose this Grey Palm Sweatshirt by Mango that features text print and has a cotton blend. You can got yours at zalora and use code ZBAPQVA for 15% off.
  2. High Cut Sneakers-I love this a long time ago. Remembering Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr for sporting this comfy shoe from Shubizz at zalora too. Perfect for petite girls who wants to add height without noticing the hidden wedge heel. Wear yours to add a touch of sports-luxe to your ensemble. (Again, use the code above for 15% off at zalora!)
  3. Pixi Succulent Lip TwinPoppy Red– Dry lips? no problem! Give yourself a lip loving treat with this duo lip nourisher. The natural oils and extracts condition protects your lips while adding a quick tint of face-awakening colour.
  4. Original Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil-events, parties and get-together are coming up on your ways, so we need something extra hypnotic shimmering jewel-like formula. I like this waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting of this eye enhancer from Eye of Horus.

9 must have

5. The Christian Lacroix Hearts Scarf that I’m eyeing from Ava. Yeah, it’s kinda luxurious but mind you, it down at 35% off. The quality of 100% silk is best when you could use it more than times.

6.Butter London Blowing Raspberries-I love reds for holidays, so this is perfect! You know what I mean!

7. Winter and Summer Shakers– I am a homebody person. When free time, I love to décor our house. I just love the pine tree, it reminds me of a white Christmas. So I’m thinking for my two most-beloved seasonings-salt and pepper.

8.The love for décor –wine server is one of my must haves! I saw it at online shop and I was amazed with the premium Honduras Mahogany hardwood that made of it. The tung oil and bee’s wax was added to the natural’s color of the wood. One of a kind right!?

9. Cold weather? So let’s have a coffee maker!– Instead of nearby café, why not brewed at your own home? The design was perfect for coffee aficionado out there. The stainless steel that features ergonomic handle and a drip less pour to make flavorful coffee easy-peasy.  Plus, I love sipping coffe while having a talk with my family. Good thing, it automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, so there is no need to worry when you leave the house in a jiffy.

Nine items that I’ve chose while “burr” months are finally upon us, what do you think? What’s on your list?


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