Five Things

As I bubbly enjoyed every posts made by Emily Schuman and since I enjoyed each life by little things that I can shared or vividly treasured as it is. Here’s my first week of five things that happened on me last week.

iphone 947

The older I get, the more I appreciate my everyday lives. I get sentimental about a lot of things and was surrounded by positive people who encourage me whenever I am down. Instead, I want to start focusing on five things in each week that making me happy either big or little things. What more important is the value and presence on a positive note.

iphone 948
love my brogue shoes!

I think I will  establish it too as Emily did it for so many years. It may look routinely but I found it helpful as it records what comes on your way either dreadful or positive.  My first attempt was all captured by an iphone only, the next would be a great photography skills that before was my ultimate dream. Have a nice day everyone!

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