Review: Colour Collection Satin Lipstick

As I dig up my first lipstick from Colour Collection, I am meddled with other types of finishes of the brand. Satin for now!  It was surprising when I discovered a year ago that I have left more extra gift that I gave away last holidays. I hoarded some Colour Collection Satin Lipstick that comes in a box with nail polishes that only cost for P349. Yes! It was affordable! I know it was such a steal. Who wouldn’t love to receive a lipstick and nail polishes in a box? The only challenged was the color, -if it will suit you. You better know what’s will go well with the person whom you giving.:)

iphone 1186
left: magenta, right: amber


What lipstick in tuck with me now? Colour Collection Satin Lipstick in Amber and Magenta. Amber color is a coral peach lipstick. I love coral! It is best for morena skin right? Isn’t obvious for overused? Anyways, what I love about these items is their color! It may dupe to other brands but these Satin Lipsticks are formulated with vitamin E, making your lips look moisturized and supple even after the color wears off. It has a sunscreen that protects your lips form the sun.

blog 047
swatches for morena skin

Pros? Affordable at 4g of product, great pigmentation even it was satin cos it lasted at 3-4 hours, no unpleasant scent and it has vitamin E that moisturized lips

Cons? Easy to broke, not widely available-only at Tupperware Brands dealers

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Share your thoughts on the comments section below!

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