Fashions Items That Worth Buying!

I dreamed last night that I preparing for a photoshoot! Nope, am not the model, a photographer instead.When I was a kid, I have this vision of having a studio where my own band performs beside is a photo studio which include fashion items. How was that?  I would like to invest in pieces that are classic and worth buying. Following are my favorite picks;

a versatile sleeveless suit

Sleeveless suit jacket can easily upgrade a casual outfit in any color palette.

white button down with bow
cropped flowing trouser

Culottes or cropped trousers offer the feminine appeal of midi skirts but with the freedom of movement of pants. Get one that ends two inches below the knee—anything shorter will shrink your legs. Don’t forget to wear heels with them!

Striped top

stripe top is a great chic version of a white T-shirt.

versatile one piece swimsuit

Having a one piece swimsuit is much I preferred. I can wear it whichever  I want to. As a top or for bathing.

That’s all for now. Will update my wardrobe list next week.:)

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