Online Shopping with ZaloraPh!

Hello folks! It’s been three years long when I was hooked with online shopping. It is very easy and convenient since, you know how much I been involved in our siblings’ business and being the family oriented, I almost tasked but i loved being part of it! I more appreciate being with my family way back to my teenage drama, night life and stupid decisions in my independent life a years ago. Back to the topic, lot of online shops are existing now and then and one of m favorite is Zaloraph! I been tempted to shop many times on their site cos some of branded brands were there like CLN, River Island and Mango. If you afraid of their reliability, knowing their durability, and how the payment would go, its easy pea. I would not coming back if I dont satisfied with their items. Besides, you can back your items whenever you want. Every now and then, they have discounted deals, so tempting! Remember my everything at 500? And the first try on the brand.


iphone 1026

It was exciting when you opening a package right? And this cute printed box, it really sucks “fashion”, isn’t it? All stuff inside was secured and safety sealed.


Their delivery is super fast. I got my items in 2 days upon ordering. It’s very convenient to choose the COD, but there are other options like paying through credit card and bank deposit.

For any reason, if you want to return your items, 30 days was enough to return it, but please remind that some products are not accepted to exchange. Good thing, there’s no another shipping cost to shouldered, just go to nearest LBC branches from you.:)

I know you’re burning to find the site of zalora, but before you spot zalora items, let me share you 15% off to all products. Ready? So here’s the code: ZBAPQVA . Just use the code upon checking out.:) Happy Shopping!

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