Review: Belo Baby Bar and Lotion

Belo products is more popular because of the person behind them.  Back in college, I was really  fan of their soaps, cleanser and lotion. Now almost 7 years past, we’ve seen their growing company with the new skincare line that suits for baby, the Belo Baby Soap and Lotion as well as the shampoo whose ScarletSnow models for the brand.

I used to buy expensive brands for my babies because of sensitivity of the skin, now I’m glad that Belo products that designed for babies is very affordable and formulated for the cutest babies in town! It is good to know that these products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and perfect for all skin types.

belo baby

Belo Baby Bar Soap-   love that it is very gentle to your baby and you can use for the whole family too. I love the powdery scent and the good side is, there are butter and sweet almond oil that best to nourish your kids’ skin. Of course, soap are perfect to match with lotion. Their Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion is just perfect . It is non greasy formula that lathers smoothly. It has also a powdery scent.

Aside from babies who could use the two, we could experience this formula. I tried it once and I love how it moisturize my skin especially when I am overstayed at aircon room. It is very relaxing and pampering. “ amoy –baby” is the exact word after you use these items.

It really impressive to have these Belo products after so many years where the world are full of existing brands and skincare line. I would update this blog once I have tried the Belo Baby Shampoo.

So who’s trying now these ScarletSnow skincare line?

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