Iconic Skincare: Nivea Crème

Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra to name a few who are fan of moisturizer. My mom got her moisturizer from herbal like coconut and aloe vera (which used by Cleopatra). When I was young, I never like applying of that especially lotions and creams, until I reached mid 20’s.

I keep on searching and trying some skincare brands, which is trending, which is affordable and effective to expensive but does not works on me. Nivea Crème is on track and can be bought on other leading drugstore and supermarkets.

This is one of the products that lasted through the years. From packaging to sizes, it was one of our grandma’s stuff. It is the “wonder creme” of all the world. Agree?

Let’s see below the 1911 tin release up to today’s design.


Nivea is famous to their “blue tin case”, It’s been used of course of our grandmothers and celebrities too. To date, our weather condition is extremely reached 34-39 degrees Celsius. Our skin needs some TLC against dryness and blemishes.

blog 085
Nivea Creme that known as moisturizer


A cold crème that cost for $4 only but do the wonder tricks. I been listed below how does it works and why everyone’s is continuously patronizing Nivea Crème.

  1. As a night cream– I’ve noticed that my skin suffers from dryness and I’m afraid to wear makeup due to blemishes and breakouts. Since Nivea known for moisturizer, I religiously applied it to my face, knees and elbows. I feel hydrated the following morning so every night before going to bed, I never forget to apply a small dab.
  2. As a lip balm-I’m a dry person, to extent that having chapped lips during summer and back when it is or am in cold areas. I used to swipe a thin layer of this crème and happy satisfied to its results.
  3. As a facial moisturizer. After having facial cleanse and toning, I used to dab a thin layer to my face. It is good than expensive moisturizers. For men, you can use it after shave.
  4. As a makeup remover– Nowadays, lip tint mattes are just around the corner, I have one and it is hard to remove, so I used cotton ball with a thin layer of this crème, and voila! It removes easily without irritating your lips. I also used this as a remover to my liquid eyeliner.
blog 084
Nivea creme started as moisturizer

After some research, Nivea Crème is also used as face mask and cuticle oil. I never had try but WILL DOJ It’s unbelievable that this 1 oz crème will take me as far as it did. It really does countless applications. Seriously!


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