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Review: MeNow Long Lasting LipGloss

Liquid lipsticks are quite expensive but these inexpensive mattes are the bomb. Have you ever tried the trendy affordable liquid lipstick came from MeNow ? They refer as Long Lasting Lip Gloss rather than lipstick. I searched from the colors to its reviews so I buy some of the color that will match my skin. I got mine from beautymnl. I wanted to buy all the shades but it’s always sold out.

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the cap of the products

Let’s go to my swatches, please note that i don’t wear lip line here.

me now lip lasting gloss

Pros: this lip gloss is made from China that is very affordable in the market, very light and economical, the pigmentation is fades off after 6-8 hours, there are 38 shades available but most of them are sold out. The smell is tolerable; it’s more fruity smell than a chemical like. The label on the cap has its (colour number) where stated when it was manufactured and here is an expiry date. I love all the colors I bought.

Cons:  the only thing I see about the product is how you deal with its stickiness, you could not smack your lips frequently to avoid smudging off the color.


For dealing stickiness, you just put powder on your lips then tap it gently. You can also put lip balm before you apply the liquid lipstick. For morena skin like me, the color shade #26 is more coral peach that perfect suits my skin color. #22 shade looks like I have  a whiter teeth. What do you think guys? What color have you tried?

P.S I will buy other colors once there are available in the market. How’s your Friday everyone?

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Olay Skin Whitening Bar (#OneWashWonder)

As a beauty enthusiastic, I am fervent to try new skin care line that will suits to me. As I have a chance to tried the Olay Body Wash and Olay Total Effects Day Cream from BDJ which satisfied me always up to now,  I also considered this Olay Skin Whitening Bar because I love the fact that Olay really does its effectiveness (plus I love the #OneWashWonder) Isn’t it catchy? These new Olay is renowned for its “Triple Whitening System” that exfoliates, brightens and evens out the skin tone (though, I much appreciated my color now).



Olay Skin Whitening bar comes in three variants which is Rose and Milk, Vitamin C and Papaya. Above the three, I love the rose and milk which smells sweet and slight of milk where in it leaves fragrance at your bathroom. As for its whitening properties, I didn’t yet noticed cos two weeks after consumption, I have attest that my skin became moisturized, fair and evens my skin tone. I would update this blog once I finished the bar. You may try the soaps retail for only Php34 and Php46 depending on the size.

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Below is my recent photo (with natural light). I don’t perceive the whitening effects but I noticed how my skin became moisturize, fair and even my skin stone. I would say that Olay Skin Whitening Bar is my present on the go bar!

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Share with me your thoughts below!


For the Top Man in our Life!

Father’s Day is just  a week away! It is never too early to get ad something nice on their special day. We owe him a lot for everything that he’s done for us. He has stood by our side since the beginning, taught us how to ride a bike, and his nod of approval still mean the world.

fathers day

Daddy’s girl or not, Father’s day is the day to thank your dad for being your personal hero, number one fan, heartbreak mender protector and provider. Whether your dad is a casual guy, techie, hipster or outdoors explorer, you have to find the best gift for him.

For the Top Man of my Life, number one fan, heartbreak mender, protector and provider. Happy Father’s Day Tay!  You’re my personal hero.

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Bite-Sized Beauty

These mini sized beauty items are sort of my beauty boxes and gifts I’ve received in my birthday last year. We sometimes don’t want to splash out on products without testing it before we tend to buy it., right? Good thing, there’s a lot of beauty boxes that offer samples to test the product beforehand.  I got the OPI Nail Polish in there. I never tried any orange nail polish in my entire life, so this pushes me to try new colors in my nail polishes bucket.

iphone 1176

I also got the Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion from sampleroom. I registered for it for preferred sample items that I want to try. Meanwhile there are also counters that will give you a tiny sample if you ask but 4 out of 10, they does not, without purchasing full akin products. Will post the review of this product as soon as I have time. (again!)

A place to try some travel sized beauty is online shopping. I had this seller for long time ago. I almost buy all the colors of Color Collection Vitamin Lipstick (except the red!) as my Christmas present to my friends, so no wonder I got the Color Collection Lipstick in Red for free. As much I go for coral shade lipstick, will definitely try this as one of the highlight events in this year. For Valentine’s Day? Soo red!

Last bite-sized beauty I have was the AVON Simply Pretty Mini Eyeliners in Amber and Amethyst, that I purchased last year together with perfect-match AVON Skin Goodness BB Cream and AVON Concealer Stick in F201 . The colors (amber & amethyst) was ideal for Holiday so I wore it last ChristmasJ It’s not quite clear so I guess you can use it as everyday make up. Just doesn’t work on me.

That’s for it, how about you, any ways to try new products?


Skincare with Moringa O2 Herbal Oil

Everybody was looking for an affordable product that can get together its quality. A product that can ultimately used all over the parts of the body yet it won’t hurt our wallet. Its how we valued money and being practical is not means you are frugal in your wellness. Sometimes we had to save for MORE. Just like MoringaO2Herbal Therapy Oil and MoringaO2 Argan Oil which I brought last weekend. Who would decline to a product that can be used on all over parts of the body? And inexpensive.

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herbal therapy oil and hair relaxing serum with argan oil

“Malunggay is popular known for nutritional value as well as herbal medicine. This herbal oil is a blend of pure malunggay oil, olive oil and sunflower seed oil that may be used on the skin, scalp and hair. Only P99 for 30ml and P149 for 55ml respectively that currently using for almost one week, but still full on the vamp.

argan oil and therapy oil
Hair Serum with Argan oil

This product information sounds interesting that’s why I grab for the chance. I’ve also known that malunggay is a good source of anti-oxidants and minerals that well for the skin. Some studies, that malunggay are the vegetable with many health benefits.

The new Moringa-O² Hair Care Line is the one and only herbal hair care line in the country with the power of nature’s skin multi-vitamins – Malunggay, Olive Oil and Omega (from Sunflower Oil). Now infused with equally powerful beauty oil, Argan Oil, it provides a complete hair and scalp care system.


  • Minimizes hairfall
  • Provides gentle cleansing
  • Strengthens hair
  • Helps stimulate hair growth
  • Moisturizes and soften

herbal oil

It was quiet small, that’s why sometimes I brought it in my office to have resistance to frost. You know how cold our temperature in the workplace. I also like the bottle cap which for me is easy to open.

Benefits for hair and scalp

  • softens and gives shines to hair
  • helps reduce hair loss
  • helps promote hair growth
  • helps reduces dandruff
  • helps soothe itchy/irritated scalp

Benefits for face and body

  • deeply moisturizing and absorbs quickly
  • helps controlvery dry and rough skin conditions on skin, lips, hands, cuticles and cracked heels
  • helps control pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne
  • helps in minimizing wrinkles
  • hepls in pore reduction
  • helps relieve insects bites and rashes
  • helps reduce stretch marks and minor scars

See the benefits? It really does its wonder. I see how my hair became manageable and shiny as well as soothe my dry skin.I wish it has a bigger size. Have you ever tried these wonder oil?What do you like most among the benefits? Share me your thoughts below!