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Bite-Sized Beauty: Benefit Cosmetics

From my first mini haul to this current bite-sized beauty, I love collecting sample sizes that were given from the purchase items and gifts from travel abroad. Lets begin with the good brand which is Benefit. 

blog 066
bite-sized beauty from Benefitph

Among the three, I was amazed with the effect of They’re Real Mascara which lengthens and volumizes your lashes with just one rob. I won’t mind buying this 30g for Php700 because of its effectiveness and long wearing results. Indeed,one of the good buys! I heard a lot of raves about The POREfessional face primer so good thing I have the sample, so if it works to my face, I should save more to buy the big tube, so I could test if surely will minimize my pores for more flawless looking makeup. It was said it was the number 1 face primer in the US, so I, we, strongly convinced to have that. The last sample is the Air Patrol Cream Eyelid Primer. We all know that the main role of primers is to extend wear of the make up that won’t crease, fade or smear.Right?

How bout you? have you tried these cosmetics? Is is worth it to buy the full size? Share with me your thought! Happy holiday!

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