Random Thoughts

Friday Playlist

It’s REALLY end of July! that quick!I was thinking (some random thoughts) I have to be patient in everything that happened in my life right now. Sometimes it must be the weather why I am that sad, that lethargic me! Though in some years, I been tough enough for all the pain and struggle, beside I a, happy now that I am surrounded by positive people, and loved by my family.

giphy (1)

Anyway I am starting this month with a playlist (aka) Friday feels! I have been into alternative and some “hugot” songs that I love. I have varied taste in music, sometimes I’m into pop, then into punk pop then back again to alternative. Enjoy listening! :)

  • 1. Fix You– Coldplay
  • 2. Affection-The All American Rejects
  • 3. Don’t look back in anger– Oasis
  • 4. When it rains– Paramore
  • 5. Photograph– Ed Sheeran
  • 6. Exit Wounds– The Script
  • 7. Good Life- One Republic
  • 8. Grenade– Bruno Mars
  • 9. Kiss it Better– Rihanna
  • 10. Remedy- Jason Mraz

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