Maybelline Creamy Matte Brown Nude Lipsticks (Daringly Nude, Touch of Spice, Burgundy Blush)

Yes another lipstick to try on! I get intrigued that it was matte but it is creamy! I think  Creamy  Mattes formula re-imagines the tradition matte lipstick and makes it more wearable with a super soft buttery texture that’s simply to die for. I have heard before that Maybelline launched Creamy Matte Lipstick that caters I think over 20 shades and I just recently gave a punch on this Brown Nude Lipsticks that consists of 5 nudes lipsticks. Let’s started for the three I have!

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Burgundy Blush, Daringly Nude, Touch of Spice

The packaging is regular or simply same to the Color Sensational Lipsticks, a silver tube with brown translucent cap (screams nude!) The shade name and number are printed at the bottom of the tube and has a sealing sticker when it was manufactured. I love the sweet scent! But it is only a little that tolerable by some!

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Maybelline Creamy Matte Burgundy Blush

Is a dark reddish burgundy with brown undertones and a satin finish. The texture is lightweight and drying sometimes. I wear at morning and it lasted for only five hours. Can be a dupe for MAC Runner (16$)

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Maybelline Creamy Matte Touch of Spice

Is a medium rosy plum with subtle warm undertones and a satin finish. The texture is really creamy and evens smoothly. It lasted half a day in my lips without drying. Can be a dupe to Tom Ford Casablanca (50$) Such a steal right!?

Maybelline Creamy Matte Daringly Nude Lipstick

I found out that it was peachy-pink with undertones and a semi matte finish, opaque pigmentation that covers evenly but needs lip lines. It only lasted three to four hours (on me!) can be a dupe for Mac Kinda Sexy!

Take a closer look;

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Above all, my everyday favorite is the Touch of Spice. Two other shades that are not part of this review is the Clay Crush and Nude Nuance which is favoritest of this collection. I will purchase soon! (New Lipstick na naman!)

Have you tried this creamy matte brown collection? What is your favorite?

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