Review: Laura Geller Eye Rimz Baked Wet/Dry Accents in Rich Rust

What I love about my work, is the chance of learning about linguistics and foreign policy indirectly though. Perks of having stuffs without splurging or you can make “pabili” if your colleague were on other countries. Hehe. Anyways, my close friend got me a souvenir from her recent trip and to my surprise it is a Laura Geller make up from NY! I guess it is around $21, somehow, I don’t care about how much bucks is it, it’s the thought that counts! Thanks Kaye!

laura geller
Laura Geller Eye Rimz in Rich Rust


laure geller eye shadow 2
a metallic burnt sienna with swirls of kohl

laure geller 2

It was on me a long time ago and never had an itch to swatch it. I had this wet/dry eye accent in color Rich Rust and I think its pigmentation is very defined since it used as wet or dry that applies to eye line or as a shadow. I love how it is build-able and it comes in eight different shades to create a versatile and incredible looks. Look at my not so ready eyeshadow expertise:)What you think guys?



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