FreeTheJoy with Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Christmas Flavors

As much I love chocolates, I love how Nuffnang announced their wonderful news! Cadbury Dairy Milk Limited Edition Flavors just came back! Woah! Great news right! Besides everyone’s all time favorite, it is the time of gift giving and sharing since Christmas is coming. I would love to share this limited edition to my family and colleagues.


If you’re into textured sweets, Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest fits your taste profile. It still has the Cadbury Dairy Milk’s smooth sensation but it comes with real chocolate cookies and red jellies. It’s definitely crunchy and chewy – perfect to keep you company during the holiday traffic madness!


Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest is perfect for my bestfriend. The spunky flavor and quirky texture which is crunchy and chewy but comes with real chocolate cookies and red jellies are perfect for her.


If you like surprises, Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla is your perfect pair this Christmas. As you bite into this exquisite flavor, you plunge into the smooth, soft, silky center filled with light and delectable French vanilla cream. This sophisticated flavor is definitely a revelation this season.


Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla really my all time favorite so this is my present to my favorite person in the world, whom my mom.


Looking for a richer chocolatey taste this Christmas? Elevate your taste buds with the delicate decadence of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse. With its light and airy chocolate-flavored cream enveloped in classic milk chocolate shell, you will definitely be begging your secret Santa for more.


Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse which gives oomph in every bite but haven’t tried yet is perfect for colleagues friends who are very my energy buzzer when I am not in the mood.

“Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest, Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse are available in 180g packs for a suggested retail price of P180.00. Hurry and get all flavors – available until supplies last! #FreeTheJoy this Christmas with Cadbury Dairy Milk!


Shop Globally With Uskoop

With traffic jams around the Metro, the most convenient time to do purchasing is online shopping. From apparel to newest gadgets, good food and stuffs that delivers through your doorstep, online shopping is very famous and working on demand. I admittedly, I been online shopping since 2012 when I have to balance my career and personal passion as beauty enthusiast. I do shopping with the latest skincare and make ups that honestly lament about their tax and shipping cost. Until I discovered about Uskoop PH.

What is Uskoop PH? It is an online shopping portal that caters to people to shop from US merchants such as Nordstrom, Tory Burch, Amazon and many more. Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Thailand are also accessing Uskoop because of expediency to have some foreign goods that are not easily available and too expensive due to taxes and import duties.

I just recently discovered it and enjoy browsing some beauty products and fave Nike shoes that are cheaper than buying it here. (9) Nine reasons why I considered buying it through Uskoop PH.

  1. One-stop shopping-and-shipping service on one site- With Uskoop, I am not afraid of shipping cost from US merchants upon check out since as it displays the final price



Copy the product URL from Nordstrom ( place it to Uskoop Ph product field

2. Prices are all-inclusive and Uskoop PH will take care of shipping, customs & taxes with insurance


Looking at the differences between Nordstrom and using Uskoop, with Uskoop the final price is only P6,977.27 WITH shipping price while SK II Essence in Nordstrom cost you $229 or P10305 WITHOUT SHIPPING FEE. Such a steal right!? I am no longer do a favor to a friend to buy it for me whenever she was in abroad.


3. Delivers to your doorstep anywhere in the PH via air 10-15 business days


Copy the product URL from Zappos ( and place it to Uskoop Ph product field


4. No need to worry about credit card acceptance outside your home country-

Yes! for some people who don’t have credit cards or Paypal account , this is for us guys! No hidden charges when you forgot to pay your bills!

5.No need to pay US Sales Tax


Oh my! there’s P300 discount pa for new customers! This is awesome!

6. No need to use a US shipping Addressno-us-shipping-add

I guess everyone will love it! You don’t have to have US ADDRESS just to have your products delivered and wait for another weeks to be in Philippines.

7.Single checkout from different US online stores


This was my ultimate wishlist last year up to now!

8.Multiple Payment Options


No need to have credit cards? Check! Dragon Pay is Available! Yes!

9. Uskoop PH takes care of everything. You only have to tell what you want to buy and Uskoop PH will take care of everything from buying to shipping to your address to customer service and post-sale support.

Isn’t it tempting?  Yeah I know! For a longest time you are coveting that luxury bag! Now it’s time to check out by using this code (USKOOPTEN%) to get a discount worth 10% off on shipping and handling. It’ has been 78 days to go before Christmas! Happy Shopping! I’m going to check out this Kate Spade bag! Yey!


Happy Skin Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Best Date Ever

“As the saying goes, “When you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack! I had this work strain but after work, you’ll forget all those burnt out! Splurge yourself with something that can make your gloomy day colorful! Add some colors! Buy some lipstick! Hehe. Buy some HappySkin!


It’s been one of my favorite shades since I obsessed to collect the Happy Skin New Set of Moisturizing Matte Lippies Collection. Among the three colors, I love this Best Date Ever!


Best Date Ever is a berry shade but not vampy that is perfect for morena . It is matte but it’s not drying at all. I love how it moisturize my lips and non sticky. I almost used it up and this is my lipstick everyday!


Apology, no decent photo here. But believe me it such a great color! It costs P649.00 that can be bought at Beauty Bar Stores and through Happy Skin online. Happy Color! Happy Skin!:)


Review: Pond’s Acne Clear AntiAcne Leave On Expert Clearing Gel

I don’t know what happened on my skin recently. I remember during my college I seldom experience acne and marks. Presently my hormones change and my acne was on its time high. I used different creams just to hide them but marks were still on it. Sometimes I am tired to cure them. Since my classic staple is Ponds,I’m backing to use this as it was only my skin regimen in college. Good thing, there’s new product from Ponds which is Pond’s Acne Clear Leave- On Spot Clearing Gel. When I saw it in Sampleroom, I said to myself that I need to try it. Being optimistic came back one more!


“Pond’s the number 1 face care brand in the Philippines, formulated an innovative combination of Thymol and Terpineol, for the New Pond’s Acne Clear product range. Imbued with revolutionary Lock +Clear trechnology, the new Ponds Acne Clear is the first in the world to lock powerful acne-fighting Active Thymo-T Essence, which penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to clear acne from the root.”

It motivates me so I used it for a week to see how it helps my acne prone skin.


It was a clear gel that I used in my right face. Red marks still thrived. I let to absorb it for 10-120 minutes before I put a powder on my face. The smell can be tolerable and you can bring it to the office. Believe me, it is a great product indeed! Look at the photo below. My skin just back to its normal and it really address the concern. I am afraid that I used to buy another because you know,  acne is just adult’s life.

Apology for low resolution, captured by Iphone:)

For only P180 at any leading store, you will achieve the flawless skin. Yeah, It would be just a staple on my vanity table as we don’t know when acne will strike again! Have you tried this? Let me know what are your thoughts!