Review: Pond’s Acne Clear AntiAcne Leave On Expert Clearing Gel

I don’t know what happened on my skin recently. I remember during my college I seldom experience acne and marks. Presently my hormones change and my acne was on its time high. I used different creams just to hide them but marks were still on it. Sometimes I am tired to cure them. Since my classic staple is Ponds,I’m backing to use this as it was only my skin regimen in college. Good thing, there’s new product from Ponds which is Pond’s Acne Clear Leave- On Spot Clearing Gel. When I saw it in Sampleroom, I said to myself that I need to try it. Being optimistic came back one more!


“Pond’s the number 1 face care brand in the Philippines, formulated an innovative combination of Thymol and Terpineol, for the New Pond’s Acne Clear product range. Imbued with revolutionary Lock +Clear trechnology, the new Ponds Acne Clear is the first in the world to lock powerful acne-fighting Active Thymo-T Essence, which penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to clear acne from the root.”

It motivates me so I used it for a week to see how it helps my acne prone skin.


It was a clear gel that I used in my right face. Red marks still thrived. I let to absorb it for 10-120 minutes before I put a powder on my face. The smell can be tolerable and you can bring it to the office. Believe me, it is a great product indeed! Look at the photo below. My skin just back to its normal and it really address the concern. I am afraid that I used to buy another because you know,  acne is just adult’s life.

Apology for low resolution, captured by Iphone:)

For only P180 at any leading store, you will achieve the flawless skin. Yeah, It would be just a staple on my vanity table as we don’t know when acne will strike again! Have you tried this? Let me know what are your thoughts!

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