Review: Sleek Makeup i-Divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow in Original

This palette was with me almost a couple of months but never used, ever. I am afraid that it looks gross on me cos I didn’t expert in applying. From a scratch, watching youtube and some basic guide let me to play it now.I love Sleek MakeUp brand cos it such an affordable but delivers right pigmentation. Their brand is offers wide collection and selling like hotcakes in the Philippines.


This eye shadow palette consists of 12 shades, 6 vibrant colors and other 6 neutrals. It contains a range of metallic shades from gold to ocean blue and pearlescent purple but includes a matte dark colour, ideal for definition or perfecting a classic smokey effect.

using one swipe

It looks more shimmery because it is mineral based. I’m having a hard time to blend plus I am a beginner.I used a benefit eye primer to last the application the whole day. I experiment blending from one shade to its lightest shade. (Will update soon!) Maybe I could do more.

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