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November Sampleroom Haul!

Are you a makeup junkie or a skincare hoarder? I admit I spend a lot for just a lipstick which sometimes is such a waste because these lipsticks cannot be work on cheeks so other way is to buy blushes. As the time goes, I want to invest with skincare that will give my skin radiant and good skin. Sometimes we may be skeptical about face wash, to primers to moisturizers. So why not TRY BEFORE YOU BUY? Tagline from sampleroomph. Have you visit their site? On my latest haul:

Burts Bee Radiance Cleanser-First time to try it and amazed how it gently cleanse my skin and removes make up. I like the royal jelly smell and noticed that it really brightens my skin. It contains Jojoba beads that for exfoliating so no wonder it really purifies my skin. I think I could stick to it and begin to invest in full size.

Zenutrients Strawberry Lip Butter is always on my staple. I have the old packaging but I love the new one. It really moisturizes my lips which I bring wherever I go.The strawbeery hint leaves color on my lips too. Presently I recommend this to my friends who has a dry lips problem.


Cathy Doll Geisha Moteru Gel Eyeliner– I am fan of eyeliners so this one is a must, though I never tried any gel liner that comes in a brush. The oil-control and waterproof formula gives long lasting effects which is I still working on.

Silka Soap and Lotion (Shea Butter ) This works on any skin types. Its moisturizing effect and SPF23 helps to reduce dryness of my skin especially in cold areas. I didn’t noticed the whitening effects but I love how it pamper skin while protected from the sun. Good thing there is one with Avocado Oil and Milk protein variant. New scent to try on.

That’s all for my November Sampleroom Haul. What did you get?

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