Sooper Beaute Products and First Dome Brush I’ve Try!

Sooper Beaute products were launched last year, it was a Filipino brand, so when I read several good raves about them (AND) they would be having sale. I take it as an advantage since I love lipsticks. However, it is not matte, so just for a change, I grab this glossy tube to find out, how sheer it was and how effective their pimple away cream and their bb cream too!


Lip and Cheek Laquer in Juno comes in a small plastic tube with a doe foot applicator so it was easier to apply on lips and cheek. It cost P380 on beauty stores and online shop. I love that is nude brownish shade. It is glossy finish that’s why you can wear it alone or on top of your favorite lipstick. It has a scent of bubble gum but doesn’t gives you a hint of taste. It contains grapeseed oil and vitamin E which oisturizes your lips without the sticky feeling. The best part is that it matches my natural lip color, so perfect when I want to create a no makeup look.



nude brown on my lips

Sooper Beaute BB Tinted Cream Velvety Finish in Medium

Since my skin suffers from dryness, I am back to use a bb cream, so I used this local brand which promised to give you a smooth and poreless look just like a second skin. This natural brightening product leaves your skin flawless and can be used as primer before foundation but I wear it alone cos I have noticed it gives my skin a fresh natural look. Its watermelon extract compose your skin hydrated. The best part is that it is buildable and you can bring it anywhere you go. It costs P250 that offers a nice shade.


Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Night Cream

Claiming that it is  dual purpose anti-aging and pimple clearing night cream. With my acne prone skin, this is a must have to me! After a long patience of applying it every night, I’ve noticed it heals my stubborn pimples on cheeks. Hallelujah! It really helps my skin. Imagine how I only spend P180 to reduced visible pimple marks. Now I reserve it on my vanity table.


Have you try any Sooper beaute products? What did you get? Share me your most useful product!

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