Happy Couples Don’t Post Too Much in Social Media!

This is just a personal note on posting too much about your relationship either it was a matter of personal or some rants about your relationship. Sometime ago, I been into drastic emotions and have to released through a platform (social networks) which I realized, it is too much to show people how miserable you are. If you do so. I’ve learned, it is between you and your partner to do such things to understand and to solve the matter.


For nowadays, we were up to post such things, or what happened in our lives. It is fun to be informative and proud of what we have but I believe it is more decent to not to post some personal problems in social networks. I guess that’s me and my boyfie, or some other couples out there.

I watched from Bright Side, happy couples don’t really need to post or broadcast anything about them because they don’t need for it. It is good to know that being in the present in the moment is actually the more important. They say that couples believe that there is more happiness in being together than finding assurance in what people think of it when they post proof of their happiness online. Relationship is about you not about the people who surrounds you. Happy Valentines in Advance!

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