My Project Vanity Passion Kit!

I take the chance to had a kit from Liz Lanuzo whom I get tips and inspiration to pursue this passion of mine. I would like to rebuild this even in fourths of my time. I thought that anything red would not fit me due to my skin color. However,  this time, I give it a try.:)

project vanity kit
my project vanity kit
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Revlon Ultra HD in Kisses

 I have known Revlon that caters beautiful colors and their new best selling line, Ultra HD (P575). I got the shade of a pink red which called Kisses. I am afraid it would not flattered on me but amaze how it is wearable even on daytime through nighttime engagements. I believe that it would work for all skin and a great choice for office goers as well. What I love about the product is it is lightweight and velvety feel.  I love the scent of whipped vanilla and cream mango. I love to try the Infatution and Romance from the line.


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2/3 of the Passion Vanity Kit is the Balm’s Read my Lips Lip Gloss in Wow,(P675) that actually never aware of this brand until I read some good reviews on this product. It is glossy cherry red that instantly will make your skin alive! I think it is better to match with minimal make up, just fix your brows and this tint, you’re ready to go!

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the Balm Read my Lips lip gloss

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What I love about the product is that it is not sticky, unlike the other lip gloss I have tried. You can use it alone that lasts the color with 3.5 hours.

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Pink Sugar Creamy Matte Lipstick in Diva

The 3/3 is the Sexy Red from Pink Sugar Creamy Matte in Diva (P349) which is deep red that I think perfect for dinner dates or wear it with special occasion. It can be a dupe for your favorite high end brands.


blog 200
Pink Sugar in Diva

What I love about the product is the staying power and the pigmentation. It really nice on me, or for morena skin too! What you think? What’s your favorite from the three? 🙂

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