Cathy Doll Geisha Moteru Gel Liner in Black

I used to purchase liquid liners so when I saw a gel line from Cathy Doll, I know from the bottom of my heart, I should try this! Cathy Doll’s Geisha Moteru Gel Liner available in Red, Gold and this Jet black.

blog 350


About the Product: The Geisha Gel Liner has come with designed brush and pot which is 2g. This gel liner is affordable and costs P249 in the market.

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Pros: I love it which comes in a pot and designed brush. It’s brush helps you to perfect your cat’s eye though in some time, I having difficulty when applying but easily removes the excess.

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The texture of the gel is smooth and matte that would last on me about 4-6 hours. You can apply it thin or thick, whatever your mood’s desire. Hehe Good thing there’s manufacturing date and expiration date in the lower box of the packaging. We don’t want to use expired makeup, aren’t we?

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Cons: The brush wand is too small so it’s hard to control but still manageable in your allotted time:)

What can you say, guys? are u team liquid liner or gel liner? Shre your thoughts below:)

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