Missha Under Eye Brightener in Natural Beige

What? It’s almost October! Holiday feels coming up! I have been the busy bee at all. Frustrations at work but definitely NOT at home. Finally, I have time to review this Kpop beauty that I got from Althea, the Missha Under Eye Brightener in Natural Beige.

blog 006

About the product: liquid concealer with tip applicator with that perfectly and naturally covers up dark circles and blemishes, it’s a 5g in a tube, made for all skin types, (2) colors available which is light and this natural beige.

blog 004

How to Use: Dot onto blemishes and gently pat out with a finger for a seamless finish


blog 001
captured with natural lighting


What I love: non-creasing and watery enough to cover my blemishes, affordable

What I don’t like about the product: little amount per tube, but worth the price

After I dab a foundation, I usually put it onto my under eye using fingertips or oval brush upwards. Its pigmentation lasted about 2-3 hours. I matched it with my Sleekmake up powder and you’re good to go!:)

This is perfect for an everyday look! What do you think? Is it worth to try? Share me your thoughts below:)

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