November​ Sample Room Haul!

Trip to Malaysia and Brunei was too fast! Different people, culture and food that I’ve enjoyed. Now these two Asian countries are off to my bucket list.Woot! I wish I can travel morelocal soon. (Hey homebody, experience new things!) I would love to have more but of course priority is with my family, more savings perhaps? If the time permits me, I share in a separate post how was happened on my trip, meanwhile I am happy that I am featured to Sample Room as “Roomie of the Month”. I can used the additional points from them! Yey! So what I’ve got was, Seoul White Korea stuff . Admittedly Kdrama fan here! (Also dreaming to travel Korea!:)

I seriously took couple of weeks or more before I reviewed the products.

Let’s start with Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap

“This gentle bar combines the brightening powers of arbutin bearberry and tried and tested kojic acid to deliver long-term skin lightening. The precious white strawberry exfoliates skin as you cleanse, letting you enjoy a double whitening effects minus the stinging sensation.”

soap and whitening cream

What I love about the product? It cleanse my skin, I feel how it removes dead skin everytime I use it with loofah or scrub. It gives moisturize to my skin which I tend to skip lotion.Though, I didn’t noticed whitens my skin, but it evens the color of my skin. The scent is not so sweet, more on fruity fragrance.

What I don’t like about the product? Nothing but I wish it partnered-up with a body lotion with the same brand.

50 ml tube

Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream

The first time I used it especially in the morning, it could pass as blemish cream.  It has arbutin bearberry and white strawberry too, plus the donkey’s milk that dubbed as white gold and as much as four times the Vitamin C.

a good moisturizer for my drying skin

What I love about it? Literally, it brightens your skin. it is non-greasy and lightweight on the skin.It is a good moisturizer  (notice that am a dry skin) and you don’t need a face powder cos you won’t be oily. I don’t suffer from any break outs.

What I don’t like about the product? I wish there is s bigger size for a tube.

*Will edit my post if I see the results on my face. Have you achieve the Korean skin look to these two new thing? Please share me your thoughts below.

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