Random Thoughts

Friday Favorites Vol 1.

In my previous posts, I had started Five Things that highlighted the content of my week. This year I promise to be able to update this blog even random post through this “Friday Favorites”. I would like to sum up few of the things that accentuate my week. What I wore, what’s making up with me, where do I went to, whom I’ve spent with, books that I wanted to read/begin with or thoughts that just popped out on my mind.


Just like the thoughts of being mature enough to handle life’s decisions. I don’t take  life so seriously (I mean, I don’t over think what would happen to me as a person) as long as I would do my own thing, I would make my part as…, I would respect you, I would care for you, I would be myself.) Because eight years ago is different from now. There is no room for insensitivity and regrets. Don’t chase people, who are not for you, Don’t chase dreams that are not destined to you. You are you because God’s plan will always be greater and more beautiful than all your disappointments.

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