Red by MIYU (A Lipstick for Valentines Day!)

Hello folks! How’s your weekend? Mine was a lot of preparation, quality time with the whole family, celebrating birthdays with my college friends and just stayed home with A. I never think that I still have time pa to blog again. Many drafts in my inbox that needed to complete.  Since Valentines Day is just around the corner,( though I and my partner is not a fan of it) I know that “ everything red “ much be seen and appreciated in VDay. Red lipstick is in too! Which one I could wear? I never had enough red. I never consider shopping for the red lipstick so I wonder if most of my reds are from colleagues and family.

3 in 1 lipstick

However, I tried the perfect red for me which is from Korean brand, Miyu. (Thanks my loves!)Woot!


What I love about this 3 in 1 product lipstick?

  1. Shade– different shade of red I know! There are many reds to choose from. Sometimes you might afraid whether it will suit your skin or not. But this falls under orange-red or even poppy red. I think anyone can pull it off.
  2. Finish– Red by MIYU is a matte lipstick, highly pigmented.
  3. Price– Looking for a steal or a splurge? This Red by MIYU is actually you can bought at set at P2750 with whitening cleanser and moisturizer as well.
  4. Longevity– I must say that it’s worth the price. You can wear it from day to night. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all. (but me, the usual working day (lol)



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