Red by MIYU (A Lipstick for Valentines Day!)

Hello folks! How’s your weekend? Mine was a lot of preparation, quality time with the whole family, celebrating birthdays with my college friends and just stayed home with A. I never think that I still have time pa to blog again. Many drafts in my inbox that needed to complete.  Since Valentines Day is just around the corner,( though I and my partner is not a fan of it) I know that “ everything red “ much be seen and appreciated in VDay. Red lipstick is in too! Which one I could wear? I never had enough red. I never consider shopping for the red lipstick so I wonder if most of my reds are from colleagues and family.

3 in 1 lipstick

However, I tried the perfect red for me which is from Korean brand, Miyu. (Thanks my loves!)Woot!


What I love about this 3 in 1 product lipstick?

  1. Shade– different shade of red I know! There are many reds to choose from. Sometimes you might afraid whether it will suit your skin or not. But this falls under orange-red or even poppy red. I think anyone can pull it off.
  2. Finish– Red by MIYU is a matte lipstick, highly pigmented.
  3. Price– Looking for a steal or a splurge? This Red by MIYU is actually you can bought at set at P2750 with whitening cleanser and moisturizer as well.
  4. Longevity– I must say that it’s worth the price. You can wear it from day to night. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all. (but me, the usual working day (lol)




Missha Under Eye Brightener in Natural Beige

What? It’s almost October! Holiday feels coming up! I have been the busy bee at all. Frustrations at work but definitely NOT at home. Finally, I have time to review this Kpop beauty that I got from Althea, the Missha Under Eye Brightener in Natural Beige.

blog 006

About the product: liquid concealer with tip applicator with that perfectly and naturally covers up dark circles and blemishes, it’s a 5g in a tube, made for all skin types, (2) colors available which is light and this natural beige.

blog 004

How to Use: Dot onto blemishes and gently pat out with a finger for a seamless finish


blog 001
captured with natural lighting


What I love: non-creasing and watery enough to cover my blemishes, affordable

What I don’t like about the product: little amount per tube, but worth the price

After I dab a foundation, I usually put it onto my under eye using fingertips or oval brush upwards. Its pigmentation lasted about 2-3 hours. I matched it with my Sleekmake up powder and you’re good to go!:)

This is perfect for an everyday look! What do you think? Is it worth to try? Share me your thoughts below:)


Cathy Doll Geisha Moteru Gel Liner in Black

I used to purchase liquid liners so when I saw a gel line from Cathy Doll, I know from the bottom of my heart, I should try this! Cathy Doll’s Geisha Moteru Gel Liner available in Red, Gold and this Jet black.

blog 350


About the Product: The Geisha Gel Liner has come with designed brush and pot which is 2g. This gel liner is affordable and costs P249 in the market.

blog 349


Pros: I love it which comes in a pot and designed brush. It’s brush helps you to perfect your cat’s eye though in some time, I having difficulty when applying but easily removes the excess.

blog 354

The texture of the gel is smooth and matte that would last on me about 4-6 hours. You can apply it thin or thick, whatever your mood’s desire. Hehe Good thing there’s manufacturing date and expiration date in the lower box of the packaging. We don’t want to use expired makeup, aren’t we?

blog 353

Cons: The brush wand is too small so it’s hard to control but still manageable in your allotted time:)

What can you say, guys? are u team liquid liner or gel liner? Shre your thoughts below:)

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My First Order at Althea Korea!



blog 355

Yes, I am one dipping my toe into the world of Kdrama, that’s why I am culting too their Korean beauty buys. From their hand creams to lipstick, to face masks to their food! Uggh kimchi and bibimbap I know! One of my travel lists is SoKor! And the sick cycle continues, so since it’s my birthday month, I decided to bought from althea korea store! The perks of free shipping! Yay!

blog 361

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel –this is for all skin types, can be used for just about anything, from soothing sunburn to hydrating the skin and hair in the form of a mask, to an everyday moisturizer for skin. I would do a separate post for this best-selling product around.

Missha Undereye Brightener (Natural Beige)-this hydrating concealer is thin enough to blend out effortlessly without being watery, suitable for serious dark circles around the eye. I should also do a single post about this product which also raving by the beauty gurus.

Petal Velvet Powder– This claims silky finish to the touch. Infused with oil to keep sebum productions at bay without drying out the skin for radiant, fresh look all while giving out a gentle scent. In addition to, it keeps your makeup looking great all day or dust some on to stay shine free. Let’s see if it will work on my dry skin.

blog 363

Witch’s Pouch Popo Glosstick Tint Balm– this balm says 5 in 1 product which is rich pigmentation like lipstick, shiny glow like a lipgloss, rich coloration like a lip tint, rich moisturization like a lip balm and silky smooth like lip essence. I wonder it will help my cracking lips. Will blog soonest in a separate post.

blog 365

Choosy Lip Pack– Since I’m suffering from drying lips, I get Peach and Honey! What attracts me to this product is the Jojoba Oil and Collagen that serves in every patch. The peach flavor is to smoothen your dry lips while Honey soothes the lips and make it glow.

Last is the Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3 Step Kit from Holika Holika which allows removing blackheads easily. Let’s see if it works too!

How about you? Did you already purchase from Althea Korea? What did you get? Share me your thoughts below!


Review} MAC Amplified Crème Lipstick in Brick-o-la

Since work has been suspend due to bad weather, time permits me to review this long time MAC Amplified Crème lipstick . Mac lippies are love even they’re too pricey for a tube.

MAC Brick-o-la

Mac Brick-o-la is an Amplified crème finish look from the collection. The color is midtone berry shade that suits my skin color. This is one of my on the go lipstick. It just wearable for everyday especially when you are working in the government. It gives simple but polished look. I would suggest this color if you are not fan of vibrant color. This shade is gorgeous!

Mac brick o la

The texture is pigmented which it easily glides on the lips. You can feel the moisturizing and fuller appearance but my chapped lips didn’t heal. I must say, the color lasted for 4 hours including sipping and light meals in between. It leaves a stain on cups.

MAC Brick o-la


Maybelline Powder Matte in Nude Illusion

blog 209

It’s been a couple of months since Maybelline release their 15 shades of powder mattes. Like everyone who’s excited to buy from their collection, I attempt to get one since I had their Creamy mattes in four that I love but never had a chance to finish it further. I got mine in “Nude Illusion”

blog 210

Nude Illusion is a pinkish nude that for me is too light my skin. 1-3 swipes needed to fully covered and see the color on my lips. The texture is smooth and easy to glides on. It can last to 2-3 hours without eating.The packaging is same with Maybelline Creamy mattes but in orangey.

blog 207

What I love about the product: is very affordable at P299. The shade is perfect for everyday use. It doesn’t have scent compared to creamy mattes.

What I don’t like: is less pigmentation, too light for my lips.

nude illusion
me, wearing Maybelline Powder Matte in Nude Illusion

You can buy it at any Maybelline store and from Lazada! Tell me what shade did you choose!


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Happy Skin Limited Disney Princess Lipstick Collection Review!

These babies I bought three months ago but don’t enough time to complete the swatches since I don’t want to use it all, lol but hey they’re packaging is so cute! Isn’t it?

blog 238The Colors:Belle

Belle is a brown based peachy pink that perfect t my everyday look, while, Rapunzel is a mauvey pink (Set of this cost P1099)

blog 300


blog 305

This set is perfect for everyday natural looks, I like how it is moisturizing, creamy and balmy feel.


Anna is a berry red while Elsa is a deep rusty plum

This set is perfect for statement shades, just like the two above, it is very creamy moisturizing and not patchy at my lips. (Set of this cost P1299)

What I love about the products: Moisturizing lippie, Highly pigmented, very opaque, limited edition, affordable, cute packaging

What I don’t like: I don’t see yet anything from the products

Where to buy: I get mine from zaloraph, but there’s more of this disney princess collection in the happy skin store.

Tell me what did you get? I will be updating it when I swatch the Anna and Elsa lippies.:)