Online Shopping with ZaloraPh!

Hello folks! It’s been three years long when I was hooked with online shopping. It is very easy and convenient since, you know how much I been involved in our siblings’ business and being the family oriented, I almost tasked but i loved being part of it! I more appreciate being with my family way back to my teenage drama, night life and stupid decisions in my independent life a years ago. Back to the topic, lot of online shops are existing now and then and one of m favorite is Zaloraph! I been tempted to shop many times on their site cos some of branded brands were there like CLN, River Island and Mango. If you afraid of their reliability, knowing their durability, and how the payment would go, its easy pea. I would not coming back if I dont satisfied with their items. Besides, you can back your items whenever you want. Every now and then, they have discounted deals, so tempting! Remember my everything at 500? And the first try on the brand.


iphone 1026

It was exciting when you opening a package right? And this cute printed box, it really sucks “fashion”, isn’t it? All stuff inside was secured and safety sealed.


Their delivery is super fast. I got my items in 2 days upon ordering. It’s very convenient to choose the COD, but there are other options like paying through credit card and bank deposit.

For any reason, if you want to return your items, 30 days was enough to return it, but please remind that some products are not accepted to exchange. Good thing, there’s no another shipping cost to shouldered, just go to nearest LBC branches from you.:)

I know you’re burning to find the site of zalora, but before you spot zalora items, let me share you 15% off to all products. Ready? So here’s the code: ZBAPQVA . Just use the code upon checking out.:) Happy Shopping!


Fashions Items That Worth Buying!

I dreamed last night that I preparing for a photoshoot! Nope, am not the model, a photographer instead.When I was a kid, I have this vision of having a studio where my own band performs beside is a photo studio which include fashion items. How was that?  I would like to invest in pieces that are classic and worth buying. Following are my favorite picks;

a versatile sleeveless suit

Sleeveless suit jacket can easily upgrade a casual outfit in any color palette.

white button down with bow
cropped flowing trouser

Culottes or cropped trousers offer the feminine appeal of midi skirts but with the freedom of movement of pants. Get one that ends two inches below the knee—anything shorter will shrink your legs. Don’t forget to wear heels with them!

Striped top

stripe top is a great chic version of a white T-shirt.

versatile one piece swimsuit

Having a one piece swimsuit is much I preferred. I can wear it whichever  I want to. As a top or for bathing.

That’s all for now. Will update my wardrobe list next week.:)

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9 must haves to welcome ber months!

Wew! It’s been quick! My birthday month has just past, and now it’s “ber” month already! Who’s excited anyway? Do you feel the glow of Christmas just the way I felt in the morning? The energized mood for shopping? Yeah, I’m ready to go crazy about shopping! I make some list to acquire this coming payoff. Here are my impulsive things to welcome my “ber” months;

  1. Since “ber” months have a wintry weather, knits, pullovers and sweater are ideal for our climate. I choose this Grey Palm Sweatshirt by Mango that features text print and has a cotton blend. You can got yours at zalora and use code ZBAPQVA for 15% off.
  2. High Cut Sneakers-I love this a long time ago. Remembering Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr for sporting this comfy shoe from Shubizz at zalora too. Perfect for petite girls who wants to add height without noticing the hidden wedge heel. Wear yours to add a touch of sports-luxe to your ensemble. (Again, use the code above for 15% off at zalora!)
  3. Pixi Succulent Lip TwinPoppy Red– Dry lips? no problem! Give yourself a lip loving treat with this duo lip nourisher. The natural oils and extracts condition protects your lips while adding a quick tint of face-awakening colour.
  4. Original Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil-events, parties and get-together are coming up on your ways, so we need something extra hypnotic shimmering jewel-like formula. I like this waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting of this eye enhancer from Eye of Horus.

9 must have

5. The Christian Lacroix Hearts Scarf that I’m eyeing from Ava. Yeah, it’s kinda luxurious but mind you, it down at 35% off. The quality of 100% silk is best when you could use it more than times.

6.Butter London Blowing Raspberries-I love reds for holidays, so this is perfect! You know what I mean!

7. Winter and Summer Shakers– I am a homebody person. When free time, I love to décor our house. I just love the pine tree, it reminds me of a white Christmas. So I’m thinking for my two most-beloved seasonings-salt and pepper.

8.The love for décor –wine server is one of my must haves! I saw it at online shop and I was amazed with the premium Honduras Mahogany hardwood that made of it. The tung oil and bee’s wax was added to the natural’s color of the wood. One of a kind right!?

9. Cold weather? So let’s have a coffee maker!– Instead of nearby café, why not brewed at your own home? The design was perfect for coffee aficionado out there. The stainless steel that features ergonomic handle and a drip less pour to make flavorful coffee easy-peasy.  Plus, I love sipping coffe while having a talk with my family. Good thing, it automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, so there is no need to worry when you leave the house in a jiffy.

Nine items that I’ve chose while “burr” months are finally upon us, what do you think? What’s on your list?



Dresses I Puchased from ZaloraPH!

Hi folks! Someone pushed me to blog about this emerge intense of fashion in me. Yeah I know I been not here for seven weeks or less than two months. Pardon me for being like this. Several posts in my February list were all in drafts. I can’t manage, would anyone could write for me? Anyways, I recently purchased to my favorite local shop and they have new apparel was in store.  I need to include it in my wardrobe” You know how women syncing their duties for their family, career and for themselves. One of their little knick-knacks in the body is purchasing a new lipstick, shoes or sort of different wardrobe. This is not lavishness, though I find it as a investment pieces . Look at these lovely dresses from EZRA Collection of Zalora. Isn’t it ideal for any rendezvous?

Black Layered Sheath Dress

This Layered Sheath Dress is effortlessly elegant that for me is perfect for corporate world. I want to take it this kind of versatile dress because you can wear it in all different occasions. Just some add accessories or just black heels and you are way to go.

ezra color block 3
Colorblocked fit and flare dress

A Colourblocked Fit and Flare Dresses is my favorite in my closet. Its carefree yet effortlessly chic ensemble. I used to go out with y little girl to this outfit. With my favorite flats and watch, I am ready to go.

Isn’t it eye-catching pieces? What do you think with my list? However, I’ll be giving a 15% discount off in every dress above you desire. You just need to register in Zalora and type this voucher code (ZBAPQVA ) when you check out your orders. Super easy right?  So just go to zalora page and spread the good vibes. 15% is a 15%. Shop now while it’s available!


ROMWE Summer Sale!

Hi fellow Romwe shoppers!

Romwe launches their Summer sale to welcome summer holiday!

Girls would be overwhelm with perfect items for any occassion.

Romwe Summer Sale up to 70% off!

What’s on my shopping list?

Galaxy Ziped Split Purple Skirt

I was on jumpsuit, rompers and maxi skirts nowadays. I don’t know if I was just a late bloomer but I like how Bianca Gonzales, carried herself whenever she’s wearing colored maxi’s and how she handle it with her type of skin. Though, I have “peg” style for every week, so this time, its BG. You can almost wear it from day to night time.What you think?

Rhinestone Chiffon Two Piece

Isn’t it cute? I told you, I love this kind of piece. I love the details and how it looks so chic. I would probably get the exact piece for my favorite little girl.:)

Over all, I got them for 64$, not bad diba?

So what are you waiting for? Hurry for these three-day sale.


Review: Laneige Snow Crystal Sheer Glossy Lipstick in Purple

the outer box of Laneige

I am excited when I got my first Korean make-up. Yes!this is my first time to review a expensive brands to Korean cosmetics. I was prospecting Etude House but the time didn’t permits me. Anyways, lucky that I received from a generous friend, the Laneige Snow Crystal Sheer Glossy Lipstick.

the tube of lipstick

I’m not high-end consumer products, but I know what’s more expensive and more capable of pocket. I think some of cheaper price also have high end results. Just like other international brands have here in the Philippines.

the purple sheer color

A $23.3 lipstick is too expensive for a budget-conscious make up enthusiast like me. (but when we are talking about shoes, wala nang patumpik-tumpik pa, basta gusto ko yun sapatos, 1k is not a big deal.) Hahaha I am a shoes addict.:) But when I want to buy posh make -ups, I consider saving money for me to get the shades I like.


This Korean lipstick packaging looks elegant and chic, inside its packaging coloured pink. It is very moisturizing that smells like cotton candy but not taste like plastic. Its super natural looking, but its gloss isn’t overwhelming. It was available in the Philippines and I don’t have allergic reactions.



The packaging box was written in Korean-so you don’t understand the label; it is too expensive for a lipstick- seems like a lip balm! Too soft that tends to melt easily and doesn’t last on me; others may not like the sheer pigmentation



Not for me now, it could be just another collection in sheering lipstick, nothing more than that, Its super natural-looking enhance the moisture of your lips.I might try the lipstick from Etude House , though.



Packaging: 4/5 (Elegant looking and chic)

Price: 1/5 (Too expensive for just sheer glossy lipstick)

Long lasting: 2/5 (Frequent re-application)

Overall rating: 2/5

My Notes?

Always keep it in a cool dry place because it has the tendency to melt easily.

If you’re not fan of sheer lipstick, try other shades available.

It is good for base before you applied your favorite lipstick.

Try to visit for more information about Laneige and their products!:)

Let me know if what products you would recommend.


My Shopbop Dresses List!

As the saying goes, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” I’ve been awestruck by all bits and pieces I’ve acquired through online shopping. The latest link I eyeing now is the Shopbop, almost some of the created dresses were hoard able. Hence, I list some of my picks;


 So what do you prefer? a colorful or neutral?

What I really love about them is, the garment looks so luxurious, imagine the woman who owned them, very exquisite and vintage clothing reminds me of good fabric and thread.


I stand 5’5 and I never owe maxi dress, just in two pieces for a quick sense of style is not good. My fashion taste would be fall under vintage, tomboy, rock chick and casual in Fashiolista. I went into where I would be comfy and freely-move. That’s it! 

From Designers to Hi-Low Dresses, an Egyptian Maxi dress to Shirred Waist dress with Leather Bodice, who wouldn’t spare from them?  Thesee are irresistible and “keri” ko if I ‘m going to wear it anytime. Hehe.

  I might doubled my savings just to grasp one of them. If you are into investing oieces like this, just go to their page and filled your cart. hihi

Happy Monday ahead!:)