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Sephora Color Lip Last Lipstick in Blooming Rose and Cocoa Passion!

Online shopping sometimes could broke you, especially if it’s a new lipstick! Won’t you? One more new lipstick doesn’t hurt, even you have to make financial arrangements. Who would not capture with its 10-hour wear claim? A long slim lipstick with glossy texture appearance.

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06 Blooming Rose

I got Blooming Rose color is a matte which gives you a warm pink hue. I would say the color is for everyday look. Meanwhile:

Cocoa Passion is semi matte which sometimes gives you a metallic  look that perfect for night date or glam party.

What I love about the product?

I love the pigmentation of this lipstick and the smell like grape fragrance which is tolerable and pleasant to me. I got Blooming Rose and Cocoa Passion. One is matte and other is shimmery. It can last to 6-8 hours without transfer to cups and cheeks. Their formulas are made from Switzerland. Will try other (matte) shades.

What I don’t like about the product?

Compact style fits nicely but first look would not capture your attention. It cost P704.00 in Ph but mas cheaper in other country.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams Reviews!

For a long time, I am a lip product hoarder and absolutely a fan of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. First tried on Cannes and Copenhagen and always them on my vanity pouch. When I’ve discovered that they released 12 new colors, I could not wait to buy them. I love the shades, Berlin and Seoul but unfortunately the latter is out of stock, so I bought Berlin and London.


What I love about the product: Many shades to choose from, a mousse type than liquid and smells cakey. It lasted to 4-5 hours (when you don’t eat) The pigmentation delivers smoothly.

What I don’t like about the product:  too pricey for a tube.

Swatches of nyx

Cannes: a beautiful mauvy nude (I can wear it everyday)

Copenhagen: dark purple with a hint of burgundy (not in picture)

Berlin : true brown color (it looks I ate chocolate) I love this color!

London: it a light brown nude and does not match my lip color. (Doesn’t suit to me!)

my favorite color is Berlin!

I have four of them and would not stop to have more! I would like to add Ibiza, Tokyo, Vancouver, Seoul and our very own Manila:) Happy weekend guys!


Happy Couples Don’t Post Too Much in Social Media!

This is just a personal note on posting too much about your relationship either it was a matter of personal or some rants about your relationship. Sometime ago, I been into drastic emotions and have to released through a platform (social networks) which I realized, it is too much to show people how miserable you are. If you do so. I’ve learned, it is between you and your partner to do such things to understand and to solve the matter.


For nowadays, we were up to post such things, or what happened in our lives. It is fun to be informative and proud of what we have but I believe it is more decent to not to post some personal problems in social networks. I guess that’s me and my boyfie, or some other couples out there.

I watched from Bright Side, happy couples don’t really need to post or broadcast anything about them because they don’t need for it. It is good to know that being in the present in the moment is actually the more important. They say that couples believe that there is more happiness in being together than finding assurance in what people think of it when they post proof of their happiness online. Relationship is about you not about the people who surrounds you. Happy Valentines in Advance!


Sooper Beaute Products and First Dome Brush I’ve Try!

Sooper Beaute products were launched last year, it was a Filipino brand, so when I read several good raves about them (AND) they would be having sale. I take it as an advantage since I love lipsticks. However, it is not matte, so just for a change, I grab this glossy tube to find out, how sheer it was and how effective their pimple away cream and their bb cream too!


Lip and Cheek Laquer in Juno comes in a small plastic tube with a doe foot applicator so it was easier to apply on lips and cheek. It cost P380 on beauty stores and online shop. I love that is nude brownish shade. It is glossy finish that’s why you can wear it alone or on top of your favorite lipstick. It has a scent of bubble gum but doesn’t gives you a hint of taste. It contains grapeseed oil and vitamin E which oisturizes your lips without the sticky feeling. The best part is that it matches my natural lip color, so perfect when I want to create a no makeup look.



nude brown on my lips

Sooper Beaute BB Tinted Cream Velvety Finish in Medium

Since my skin suffers from dryness, I am back to use a bb cream, so I used this local brand which promised to give you a smooth and poreless look just like a second skin. This natural brightening product leaves your skin flawless and can be used as primer before foundation but I wear it alone cos I have noticed it gives my skin a fresh natural look. Its watermelon extract compose your skin hydrated. The best part is that it is buildable and you can bring it anywhere you go. It costs P250 that offers a nice shade.


Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Night Cream

Claiming that it is  dual purpose anti-aging and pimple clearing night cream. With my acne prone skin, this is a must have to me! After a long patience of applying it every night, I’ve noticed it heals my stubborn pimples on cheeks. Hallelujah! It really helps my skin. Imagine how I only spend P180 to reduced visible pimple marks. Now I reserve it on my vanity table.


Have you try any Sooper beaute products? What did you get? Share me your most useful product!


September Sampleroom Haul!

I first discovered SampleroomPh last three years ago when I became a beauty enthusiast of skincare tips, beauty lines as well as new beauty staples. If you may know, Sampleroom is a sampling site that banks on the power of free products. It’s an online community that changes your beauty shopping pattern and inter-active community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued.

Some of the local brands I’ve tried from the site:)


Who wouldn’t want to try the product first (in full size) before buying them? Very genius diba!? 

From hygienic sanitizer to facial corrector up to body skincare. What I love about this site is that you can try the products in full size without higher fee. Sometimes it is just a flat rate of P100. You can almost use these staple that lasted for whole week or more than you expected. What do you think? Have you try this site? What’s new in your staple?



Maybelline Creamy Matte Brown Nude Lipsticks (Daringly Nude, Touch of Spice, Burgundy Blush)

Yes another lipstick to try on! I get intrigued that it was matte but it is creamy! I think  Creamy  Mattes formula re-imagines the tradition matte lipstick and makes it more wearable with a super soft buttery texture that’s simply to die for. I have heard before that Maybelline launched Creamy Matte Lipstick that caters I think over 20 shades and I just recently gave a punch on this Brown Nude Lipsticks that consists of 5 nudes lipsticks. Let’s started for the three I have!

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Burgundy Blush, Daringly Nude, Touch of Spice

The packaging is regular or simply same to the Color Sensational Lipsticks, a silver tube with brown translucent cap (screams nude!) The shade name and number are printed at the bottom of the tube and has a sealing sticker when it was manufactured. I love the sweet scent! But it is only a little that tolerable by some!

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Maybelline Creamy Matte Burgundy Blush

Is a dark reddish burgundy with brown undertones and a satin finish. The texture is lightweight and drying sometimes. I wear at morning and it lasted for only five hours. Can be a dupe for MAC Runner (16$)

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Maybelline Creamy Matte Touch of Spice

Is a medium rosy plum with subtle warm undertones and a satin finish. The texture is really creamy and evens smoothly. It lasted half a day in my lips without drying. Can be a dupe to Tom Ford Casablanca (50$) Such a steal right!?

Maybelline Creamy Matte Daringly Nude Lipstick

I found out that it was peachy-pink with undertones and a semi matte finish, opaque pigmentation that covers evenly but needs lip lines. It only lasted three to four hours (on me!) can be a dupe for Mac Kinda Sexy!

Take a closer look;

blog 128

Above all, my everyday favorite is the Touch of Spice. Two other shades that are not part of this review is the Clay Crush and Nude Nuance which is favoritest of this collection. I will purchase soon! (New Lipstick na naman!)

Have you tried this creamy matte brown collection? What is your favorite?

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Olay Skin Whitening Bar (#OneWashWonder)

As a beauty enthusiastic, I am fervent to try new skin care line that will suits to me. As I have a chance to tried the Olay Body Wash and Olay Total Effects Day Cream from BDJ which satisfied me always up to now,  I also considered this Olay Skin Whitening Bar because I love the fact that Olay really does its effectiveness (plus I love the #OneWashWonder) Isn’t it catchy? These new Olay is renowned for its “Triple Whitening System” that exfoliates, brightens and evens out the skin tone (though, I much appreciated my color now).



Olay Skin Whitening bar comes in three variants which is Rose and Milk, Vitamin C and Papaya. Above the three, I love the rose and milk which smells sweet and slight of milk where in it leaves fragrance at your bathroom. As for its whitening properties, I didn’t yet noticed cos two weeks after consumption, I have attest that my skin became moisturized, fair and evens my skin tone. I would update this blog once I finished the bar. You may try the soaps retail for only Php34 and Php46 depending on the size.

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Below is my recent photo (with natural light). I don’t perceive the whitening effects but I noticed how my skin became moisturize, fair and even my skin stone. I would say that Olay Skin Whitening Bar is my present on the go bar!

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Share with me your thoughts below!